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Fragrance list

Vanilla Tonic - Highly fragranced and bursting with the scent of creamy vanilla. Similar in scent to lavish laundry, this fragrance has peachy tones with infused creamy tonic vanilla and just a hint of caramel.

Champagne Lace Luxurious scent of creamy sparkling champagne! This fragrance has similar notes of crystal peonies, champagne and almond creme. Additional notes include star fruit, quince, freesia, amber, sugared sandalwood, and velvet musk. 

DistinguishedA must for lovers of a strong fragrance. One of our favourites! A crisp green stem of leafy notes, Bergamot and Ylang blend harmoniously with a vibrant citrus hint. They rest upon a gentle floral Lily, orange blossom and forest wood. The base is formed of a subtle sandal, vanilla and amber with a very distinguished air about the scent.

English Gentleman With sophistication, the bowler hat. the umbrella, the newspaper under the arm.... a gentleman in the making. This fragrance has a rich and harmonious woody accord where sparkling bergamot, grapefruit and lime zest merge seamlessly with hot ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon sweetened by Peru balsam, smothered over with cedarwood, leather, musk and patchouli. 

Afternoon Tea Takes you off to a civilised afternoon tea setting, with a delicious blend of cookies, cakes, scones, jams and jellies! Top notes of strawberry, lemon, sugar, raspberry and peach. Middle notes of tea leaf and spring florals o a base of vanilla sponge, clove and cinnamon.

Reminisce Bursting at the seams with fragrance and mouth-watering sweets in mind. Reminiscent of the 'Old fashioned sweet shop on the corner' that sold sweets by the quarter, this strong scent has notes of pear, candy floss, vanilla, cherry and a hint of marshmallow.

Indulge This fragrance truly is by name very indulgent. the scent is a luxurious, warm, and powdery throw with deep earthy tonka bean and a slight hint of lavender and almond. It is a well balanced oriental tone with a base note of velvety amber. One of our all time favourites, a rich and inviting aroma that has been described as an enveloping hug!

summer rain After a hot summers day, the fresh smell of the English summer rain has hints of peppermint, oakwood and bay oil that develop into a sweet smoky hay with the sense of frying grasses rustling around you, as the rain blows over. An invigorating fragrance that leaves you wanting more.

sweet cherryA delightful, sweet and juicy black cherry accord with background notes of dates, plum, raspberry and strawberry on a base of vanilla and sugar.

juicy mangoWith the scent of exotic mangos freshly sliced, this fragrance has a delicious, sweet, juicy aroma which is perfectly fruity and tropical. Very refreshing.

clean cotton fresh and clean with a floral accord, opening with notes of sweet orange, green leaf, galbanum, soft aldehydes, and a hint of lavender on a floral heart of jasmine, ylang, rose, orange blossom, violet and gardenia. Packed full of delicate notes that sit on a base of sandalwood, cedarwood and powdery musk.

dawn chorus Dawn is one of the most tranquil times of the day, when the birds start to sing their morning chorus. If you've ever ventured out as the day is about to begin and took a deep breath, this is it. The smell of lavender, floral middle notes of jasmine with fruity accents of red fruits. This fragrance has base notes of sandalwood and musk and feels very invigorating. 

promenade With the scent from an evening's walk by the sea, as the sunsets on the promenade. This fragrance is a mesmerising floral marine with notes of seaweed in rock pools livened by a fresh costal breeze and enhanced by touches of cyclamen and water lily. At the base of the fragrance is sparkling salt crusted driftwood, warmed by amber, patchouli and musk.

carousel The traditional funfair, the sounds, the lights, the smells all neatly rolled into one fragrance. Packed with marshmallow fluff, a creamy, sugary, vanilla aroma, with smooth and light notes. A tantalisingly sweet, light and fluffy fragrance for all the senses.

africa Oozing with the scent of an exotic mix of African spices. This fragrance has an aftershave or shower gel smell about it which is very uplifting and invigorating. A popular choice with many.

American MilkshakeA sweet, soft & dreamy scent. This fragrance opens with notes of bergamot, petitgrain and a nuance of lavender, followed by notes of orchid, orange blossom and jasmine, all on a base of sweet creamy vanilla, warm precious woods, amber and sweet musk.

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